Thursday, 16 April 2015

16th April 2015: Untitled

I don't know what I'm doing with my life. Its been an entire week and I haven't managed to get any work done at all whatsoever. I have always procrastinated when it came to work. But I always had it under control. I had my time under control. I procrastinated only until it ws safe to do so, but I would always get my act together in the last minute and pull off a great design. But this time its different. This time its much worse. Back then I loved my work. I was full of ideas. I just preferred to let the ideas cook for a while until it would be the right time to take it off the stove. Now, I have no interest. No enthusiasm. No motivation. Its all just a fucking drag. My procrastination isn't safe anymore. My procrastination is because I just don't want to get down to it. I dont even to do this work. I have no ideas. I have to literally drag myself out of bed everyday just at the thought of work. I hate it. Its all so pointless and futile. What am i even dragging all of this for? Where am I even dragging all this to? I dont know where I came from. And I dont know where I am going. Its just a long endless road in the middle of a desert. And its all deserted. And i just keep walking day in and night. And i don't know nothing...

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